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January 20th, 2019

How to Plan a Perfect Fly in Fishing Trip to Manitoba, Canada

Planning a fly-in fishing trip to Canada can often be an intimidating task. With so many options to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to even know where to begin. Manitoba’s Northern and Eastern Regions are an easy choice for those looking to experience incredible fly-in fishing opportunities....
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January 20th, 2019


Black Bear Hunting in Manitoba's Parkland - Riverside Lodge

Black bear hunting in Canada is a valued experience that often places a patient hunter in a mix of unique environments. Riverside Lodge, located in the Parkland Region of Manitoba, offers an intriguing bear hunting opportunity where an unassuming landscape breeds prime bear habitat. Riverside's

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Fly-In Fishing Paradise - Laurie River Lodge, Manitoba

A fly-in fishing trip to the remote regions of Canada is easily one of the most fascinating angling experiences available. This is especially true for adventurous anglers who actively seek the temptations of genuine wilderness, untamed waters, big fish and tailored service. Laurie River Lodge is

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Ice Fishing Aggressive Northern Region Lake Trout

Ice fishing a new lake can be intimidating. With a little research and getting familiar with a lake's general depth and topography, any ice angler can hit new waters with more confidence. Clayton Schick tackles Second Cranberry Lake in Manitoba's Northern Region for the first time in search of lake

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Ice Fishing for Monster Black Crappie in Manitoba

Black crappie are a much sought after sportfish. They school up in big numbers and will readily strike a variety of lures and artificials. The Eastern Region of the province has a number of lakes where anglers can target pie-plate sized Master Angler specimens. Jay Siemens hits the ice in search of

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Ice Fishing on a Whole Different Level - Wekusko Falls Lodge, Manitoba

Located in the legendary Northern Region of Manitoba, Wekusko Falls Lodge is surrounded by some of the best ice fishing Canada has to offer. With 5 months of hardwater and unlimited multi-species ice fishing opportunities at their convenience, Wekusko has gained a reputable standing as a go-to

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