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Fly Fishing in Manitoba

From the famous fly-in rivers of our northern frontier to the celebrated stocked lakes of our southern plains, Manitoba offers the devoted fly fisher an excess of both traditional and novelty fly fishing experiences. Sea-run brook trout on remote Hudson Bay tributaries, northern pike on sprawling sub-arctic waterbodies, and rainbow and brown trout on diverse prairie stillwaters are all signature 'on the fly' encounters which are often unique to select areas of our various provincial regions. 

Remarkable encounters on legendary fisheries

Home to multiple national fly fishing championships, endorsed fly fishing lodges, seasoned fly fishing guides and a growing fly fishing culture, Manitoba has established roots in the fly fishing world and has gained a prominent status as a premier fly fishing destination.

Fly Fishing Lodges

Find a lodge or outfitter for your next fly fishing adventure in Manitoba.

Rainbow Trout

As a recipient of one of the most recognized stocking and trophy trout programs, Manitoba’s “Bow”, has achieved global recognition for its unbelievable growth rates, signature takes and extraordinary abundance!

Big Brook Trout of God's Lake - New Fly Fisher

Tiger Trout

This half brown trout, half brook trout hybrid has established itself as a top-of-the-food-chain predator that presents one of the most exclusive angling experiences within Manitoba!

Giant Pike on the Fly

Check out Uncut Angling's epic adventure to Manitoba's Northern Region. Aaron Wiebe and Jon B from 'Fishing The Midwest' sight cast for monster northerns and a few bonus lake trout in gin clear water!

'Polar Bears And Square Tails' - Manitoba Fly Fishing at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

Parklands Monster Trout - New Fly Fisher


With the strength and explosiveness of a lake trout and the elusive nature of a brook trout, the splake is an inspiring species that produces hallmark battles on some of the most attractive fisheries in Manitoba!

Giant Pike and Walleye on a Fly - New Fly Fisher

Trophy Trout

Looking for an epic fly fishing experience? Manitoba’s Parkland Region has you covered!

Brown trout, rainbow trout, tiger trout and brook trout, an all-star lineup of trophy trout species that are easily accessible to any curious fly fisher. When it comes to stillwater trout fishing, Manitoba has set the bar for an unparalleled trophy trout destination. 

Follow Phil Rowley from The New Fly Fisher, as he showcases the how to’s of stillwater fly fishing in Manitoba’s Parkland.

Fly Fishing for Massive Tiger Trout - Manitoba Master Angler Minute