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Fly-in Fishing in Manitoba

Fly out to the middle of nowhere and you’ll discover some of the finest wilderness fishing experiences imaginable. Arrive by chartered aircraft to an all-inclusive lodge, complete with first class accommodations and amenities, the finest service, gourmet meals, and professional guides.  Or take an iconic float plane ride to a secluded outpost camp, offering all the comforts and essentials to enjoy your very own private fishing adventure.

Extraordinary excursions to epic angling

Whether you choose exclusive solitude or a full service destination, Manitoba offers the very best in fly-in fishing options. Encounter long-standing operators and renowned waters that have earned legendary reputations over generations. World class fishing for trophy northern pike, walleye, lake trout, arctic grayling, and brook trout is here to explore. It’s an ultimate angling experience in the wildest of places.

Fly-in Lodges

Manitoba's fly-in fishing lodges and outfitters are among the best you can find. Use our Lodge & Outfitter finder to help you plan your next fishing adventure!

How to Plan a Perfect Fly in Fishing Trip to Manitoba, Canada

Planning a fly-in fishing trip to Canada can often be an intimidating task. With so many options to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to even know where to begin. Manitoba’s Northern and Eastern Regions are an easy choice for those looking to experience incredible fly-in fishing opportunities...

Fly-in Fishing Paradise - Laurie River Lodge

A fly-in fishing trip to the remote regions of Canada is easily one of the most fascinating angling experiences available. This is especially true for adventurous anglers who actively seek the temptations of genuine wilderness, untamed waters, big fish and tailored service...

Fly-In Family Fishing Vacation - Shining Falls Lodge

Finding the perfect family fishing vacation in Canada is something that a lot of anglers, fishing families and curious travels annually seek. Shining Falls Lodge, located in the Eastern Region of Manitoba, is a convenient fly-in fishing destination that caters to families and individuals looking to...

'The Grand Slam' Manitoba Fly-In Fishing at Bolton Lake Lodge

'The Aikens Experience' - Manitoba Fly-In Fishing at Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge

Bucket List Fly-In Trips to Manitoba

Only the sky road can transport you to the northernmost reaches of Manitoba. From the air, the landscape is dotted with lakes and ribboned with streams. Fly far enough and the black spruce gives way to the desolate glory of tundra...

Ultimate Do-it-Yourself Fly-In Fishing - Jackson's Lodge & Outposts

Remote Winnipeg River Fishing Getaway - Eagle Nest Lodge