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Interlake Region


Interlake Region

Inland oceans surround this region in the centre of the province. Bordered by Lake Winnipeg to the east and Lakes Winnipegosis and Manitoba to the west, excellent year round, drive-to fishing is literally all around you in the Interlake.

Signature Species: Channel Catfish, Greenback Walleye, Yellow Perch, Common Carp, Sauger, Goldeye, Freshwater Drum

Kick-Off to Open Water Fishing Season in Manitoba

Your guide to early season angling opportunities in the Southern Regions of Manitoba.  Your fishing gear has been meticulously cleaned and organized for weeks now.  No doubt you have equipped yourself with a handful of new and exciting lures and are fully re-stocked with your proven go-to tackle.  Biding your time browsing endless articles and binge...

Bear Creek Outfitting

Bear hunting is a special experience. There is no better time to be in the forest than early spring. If you are a bowhunter, muzzleloader, or rifle hunter give me a call. I would like to talk to you about a bear hunt - anytime.

We are easy to get to from the U.S. Hunters can simply fly into the international airport in Winnipeg on Air Canada or Northwest Airlines. Rental cars are available at the airport and we are about 4 hours north on a good highway. If you prefer to drive we are about 11 hours north of Minneapolis.

Ice Fishing for Big Walleye on Big Windy - Manitoba Hot Bite

Gammon River East Outcamps

Fly-in packages for fishing. Accommodation at fully modern solar and propane outcamp with shower at Gammon River. Groups of two to six.

Manitoba Hot Bite - Arm-breaking Catfish Action

Many an angler has been known to throw in the towel early and call it a day after a few hours spent targeting channel catfish on the north Red River.  The reason isn’t a slow bite; in fact, it is the exact opposite.  People just plain tap out once they have battled and hauled in a handful of these solid beasts on rod and reel.  With catfish regularly surpassing 25 pounds being the norm rather than the exception, it is understandable why anglers gleefully complain of sore arms and call timeout to catch their breath.

Interlake Outdoors

Interlake Outdoors is based in Teulon, situated in the Southern Interlake Region of Manitoba. Started in the later part of 2012, the cameras started rolling in early 2013 for the spring bear season. Interlake Outdoors is hosted by Cole Kilpatrick, Troy Reid and Dustin Dola, but it would be impossible to do what we do without the help of our many friends and family, who you will see in many of our videos.

Oak Hammock Outfitters

Waterfowl hunting. Specializing in Canada goose hunting in and around Oak Hammock Marsh. Accommodation and meals provided at nearby hotels.

Olson Brothers Outfitting

Whitetail deer, upland game bird and waterfowl hunting in the Interlake area. Accommodation and home-cooked meals provided at nearby establishments.

No. 1 New Year’s Resolution for Anglers - Grandview Outdoors

On the water, maybe 2018 was a year to remember — for all the right reasons. You learned a new killer technique or two, and landed multiple PBs (personal bests). But perhaps 2018 was only so-so, with some decent days, some stinkers, and you’re really crossing your fingers that 2019 is an improvement...

Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing in a SnoBear - Jay Siemens Vlog

Manitoba Species Spotlight: Tip-up Giants


This wandering river superstar is a cherished catch for those who religiously savour its highly prized flesh and eagerly await its annual arrival!

Cisco (Tullibee)

Manitoba's tullibee is a challenging species that often offers fast and erratic encounters with swarming assemblies of finicky followers!

Rock Bass

This red-eyed menace offers an aggressive bite that seldom decelerates and is regularly found in several fisheries throughout the southern regions of Manitoba!

Early Ice Fishing Safety Tips

The countdown is on! As temperatures dip below the freezing mark, it won't be long before less sizeable heavily sheltered lakes become covered in ice, initiating the beginning of another hard-water season. Many anglers relish the mild weather and aggressive bites that go hand-in-hand with the transition period commonly referred to as first-ice...

Guide Spotlight: Todd Longley of City Cats

Forget what you know about fishing and fishing guides. A catfishing adventure on Manitoba’s famed Red River with Todd Longley will change your perceptions on both accounts. Conventional wisdom says that catching big fish requires patience...

Channel Catfishing on the Red River - Manitoba Hot Bite

Species Spotlight - Praise to the Unsung Drum

Meet the Freshwater Drum or commonly known by its local alias, the Silver Bass.  A unique species that shares close ties to its saltwater cousins and a distinct facial exterior that resembles the sought after Redfish from the deep south. An even closer look at Mr. Drum will often reveal a striking appearance of subtle blues, bronze and pinks that jump out of...

Top 7 Reasons to Fish in Manitoba

The Canadian province of Manitoba is, quite simply, a world-class fishing destination. Its countless remote lakes and rivers are home to an abundance of fat walleye, sparkling rainbow trout, record-book northern pike and lake trout, and so much more. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places in North America to catch the fish...

Giant Walleyes on Lake Winnipeg

There’s no forgetting the first appearance of an emerald-hued greenback on your line, flipping its massive head side-to-side like an enraged bull. This is  no golden-tinged, cookie-cutter “pickerel” that’s typical of so many Canadian waters. You’ve hooked into the Incredible Hulk unleashing a torrent of rage and power! That Manitoba’s Lake Winnipeg hosts behemoth walleyes is no surprise...

Lake Winnipeg Greenbacks - Fish Addictions TV

Wildwoods Outfitters

Hunting for resident and non-resident deer in GHA 21 and 25A.

Bear Track Outfitters

Brandon and Will have been in the hunting industry for over 20 years. The first thing you will notice at our camp is the love they have for hunting and the great outdoors. They take pride in running a professional camp and giving their guests the best experience possible.

BearTrack operates in Manitoba's Interlake region which boasts some of the largest bears in the country due to the environment and low hunting pressure. In our area there are no other hunters which means the bears up here have not been hunted until you are in the stand.

Early Birds on Early Ice

November is an angling transition month in Manitoba. Open water trips are numbered as the month goes on, with every excursion possibly the last of the season. Ice fishing season enticingly looms on the horizon as frosty mornings become more frequent. Overnight freezing temperatures, for those eagerly awaiting hard water...

Top 5 Early Season Walleye Destinations in Manitoba

Manitoba is stacked with endless lakes and rivers to target walleye.  Anglers can choose to hit a variety of drive-to destinations, ranging from our inland oceans down to small out-of-the-way feeder creeks, and still count on getting bit.  At no time is this most true than in the early part of the open water season.  The post-spawn walleye bite can be...

Shore Fishing at the Gimli Main Dock

Anglers looking for a nice spot to drop a line in Lake Winnipeg need look no further than the Gimli Main Dock. Located in the heart of this bustling tourist town, the dock is actually a long breakwall that protects the large marina. Shore fishing can be done along most of the wall all the way down to the rocky point at the end...

Freshwater Drum

Locally identified as the “Silver Bass”, this distinctive prowler of popular big lake tributaries is a known source of plenty of relentless shallow water quarrels!

Jason Hamilton Outdoors

Fully guided ice fishing adventures on Lake Winnipeg. Also specializing in lake trout and Parkland rainbows, browns and tiger trout.

Hecla Island Ice Shacks: A Unique Ice Fishing Experience

Anglers coming to Lake Winnipeg for ice fishing are spoiled for choice when it comes to lake access. Regardless of what direction you are coming from, there is an access for you. Assuming you are approaching Lake Winnipeg from the South, which, most of us...

Benson's Big Rock Camp & Campground

Capacity - 24

Four modern kitchenette cabins. Boats, motors, gas, oil, fishing licences, dock, boat launching, tackle, bait, fish and game processing,

Quite campground with showerhouse on Lake St. Martin. Berry picking and birding.

Fishing for walleye, northern pike, freshwater drum and carp.

Open May to October.

Accessible by road.

Common Carp

This Manitoba outcast has gained unquestioned popularity from dedicated global carp anglers and those that are simply looking for a supersized tug!

Whiskers & Walleye with Bass

Trophy Channel Catfish, Walleye and Sturgeon fishing on the Red and Winnipeg Rivers. Also Smallmouth Bass and Walleye fishing on select lakes in Nopiming Provincial Park. Ice fishing for trophy Walleye on Lake Winnipeg is also available. All fishing equipment and bait are supplied. Come experience our world class fishery!

Master Hunter Minute: Canada Geese

Canada goose in flight against blue skyManitoba is no stranger to the constant streams of migrating geese that seasonally crowd the open skies. Nor is it unusual to observe a massive volume of greater and lesser Canada's invade the endless tracts of fields and wetlands throughout our provincial boundaries.

Lil' Angler: Angler Young Angler Catfish Tournament

Not too many people would argue with you that getting kids hooked on fishing is a positive thing.  In this day and age of devices and vices, there are definitely worse things you can do than teach outdoor skills to the next generation.  A long running initiative that has worked hard to...

Top 6 Reasons to Choose Manitoba for Your Next Fishing Adventure

Manitoba is home to some of the best fishing opportunities in North America! Every year, anglers come from far and wide to take advantage of the phenomenal fishing we have in Manitoba.  Our visitors return year after year, with groups spanning multiple generations in many cases...

Gigantic Lake Winnipeg Walleye - Jason Mitchell Outdoors

Narrows Sunset Lodge Inc.

Six units in main lodge, two with hot tubs.

Conference room, licensed dining room, tavern, VLTs, beer, wine and liquor vendor, store, laundromat, beach, children's playground, boats, gas bar, campground, fish and game processing, tackle, bait, nature and historic lake tours, sandy beach, walking trails, guides, licences.

Fishing for pickerel, walleye, northern pike, silver bass, perch, burbot and bullhead.

Hunting for resident and non-resident deer in GHA 19B and 25, resident and non-resident black bear in GHA 19B, 21, 24, 25 and 25A, game bird and waterfowl.

Icebound Excursions

If you want to get out and enjoy the world class ice fishing Lake Winnipeg and the rest of Manitoba has to offer, enjoy your excursion in the luxury of our SnoBear.

It is a fully equipped mobile ice fishing shack, with four holes in the floor, a propane heater, Humminbird Helix 9 Sonar/GPS for navigation up front and a Humminbird Helix Sonar unit in the back, Ion X auger, and a Sony bluetooth sound system!

New Valley Outfitters

Fishing in the Interlake area. Hunting for non-resident archery deer in GHA 25A only, resident deer, black bear and moose, upland game bird and waterfowl.

Indian Trail Outfitters

Whitetail deer hunts in GHA 21, 25 and 31, October and November. Black bear spring and fall, waterfowl and upland game bird hunts. Fishing also available.

Enormous Brown Bullhead Fishing - Manitoba Master Angler Minute

Multi-species Mayhem on the Red River - Manitoba Hot Bite

The Red River section north of Lockport Dam to its delta is well known to anglers in Manitoba as a fall hotspot. The annual greenback walleye migration draws anglers from far and wide who ply the shorelines and community holes in the hopes of landing a world-class trophy fish. Hooking into a giant walleye surpassing the 28inch (71cm)...

Brown Bullhead

This pintsized brawler can be a constant catch throughout the open water season and a great angling option for those learning to fish!

Top Drive-to Trophy Walleye Destinations This Fall

The fall season in Manitoba has become synonymous with huge walleye.  Every year hundreds of Master Angler walleye are caught during this period of cooling temperatures, migrating schools, and shorter daylight hours.  While the chances of catching the fish of a lifetime are possible...

Giant Lake Winnipeg Dream Walleyes - Across The Ice Belt TV

Giant Northern Pike - Manitoba Master Angler Minute

Lake Sturgeon

“Hooking up on dinosaurs” is an expression that you might be familiar with if you have engaged in an epic angling battle with Manitoba's largest freshwater fish!

Drum Line on the Whitemud River

Freshwater drum, also locally known as 'silver bass', are for the most part unheralded as a sport fish. Those who have done battle with schools of these voracious predators will tell you however, that they are every bit the worthy adversary on rod and reel...

Stanley's Goose Camp

Hunting for upland game bird and waterfowl. Guided photography and nature walks in Oak Hammock Marsh and Narcisse.

Cat Eye Outfitter

Fishing on the Red, Winnipeg and Waterhen rivers, Lake Manitoba, Lake of the Prairies, Buffalo Bay, Minnewasta Lake, Patterson Lake, Tokaryk Lake, Pybus Lake, and Corstorphine Lake.

Manitoba Hot Bite - White Bass Run Frenzy

There are several contenders for the widely tossed around ‘pound for pound’ hardest fighting fish title with the bruiser smallmouth bass usually at the top.  A hugely underrated scrapper, however, is the Lake Winnipeg white bass.  Growing to sizes regularly exceeding 18”...

Species Spotlight - Manitoba's Gone Carp Crazy

Meet the Common Carp.  A controversial species that was first introduced to Manitoba in 1886, the Carp has suffered a less than acceptable social reputation due to its invasive nature and destruction to the ecological balance of various waterways. But with every negative there usually is a positive, now that would depend on which end of the spectrum...

ACE Woodlands Guiding Service

Fishing on the Red and Assiniboine rivers, Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipeg. Hunting for upland game bird and waterfowl in GBHZ 3 and 4.

Trophy Greenbacks - Fish Addictions TV

Manitoba Ice Fishing - In-Fisherman Magazine

Let me say this: Manitoba is the ice fishing capital of the world — no ifs, ands or buts about it. The province that sits smack dab in the center of Canada — Canada's Heartbeat — is where you go to catch the biggest and the most fish in the winter...

K.R. Adventures

Guided fishing for walleye and channel cat on Red River. Excursions for sturgeon, pike, muskie, smallmouth and largemouth bass also available. All equipment supplied. Group and/or conference rates available. Accommodations, pick up and return transportation arranged. Snow tracked vehicle equipped for ice fishing. 10 - 15 passengers.

Manitoba Guide Service

Hunting for non-resident black bear in GHA 21 and whitetail deer in GHA 15, 20 and 21, Interlake region. Specializing in bow, rifle and black powder. American package plans available. Accommodation at outcamp.

4 Top Spots for Manitoba’s Giant Winter Walleyes, Pike and Lakers

Waters in the continental United States that offer ice anglers a genuine shot at truly huge predator fish are few and far between; but make a quick skip across the border into Manitoba and the opportunities to target hulking walleyes, massive pike or titanic lake trout are seemingly limitless...


This close cousin and miniature version of the legendary “Walleye”, is an adaptable little biter that dwells in many of Manitoba’s productive lake and river fisheries!

Rare Giant Albino Catfish Caught in Manitoba

f you love catching numbers of big fish, one destination that should be near the top of your bucket list is the Red River in southern Manitoba. Specifically, you should contact longtime guide Donovan Pearase from Blackwater Cats Outfitter...

Adamson's Outfitting & Guide Service

Whitetail deer, black bear, moose, waterfowl and upland game bird hunting in GHA 16. Fishing for northern pike, walleye and whitefish. Nature, adventure trips, photography, ecotourism.

Labrador Lake Outfitters

Labrador Lake Outfitters stands for traditional wilderness hunts conducted with modern efficiency in the unexplored across Manitoba. Amid the empty spaces of prairies, we trophy hunt for Bear, Deer and upland game.

Close by is great Duck hunting and Fishing. The Red River is noted for Ice Fishing in the winter. We offer guided or self-guided trips, just that point in the right direction. Our hunts are backpack hunts and you will pursue your game with hiking, climbing and glassing eyes.

Magnificent Manitoba Fishing

After a long, grueling back-and-forth, a bulky shadow appears several feet down under a dangerously bent graphite rod. The line points to the blunt end of the dim shape below, glinting emerald green with milky eyes the size of quarters. “How big?” is the mind-numbing question nobody wants to ask before the net envelopes it...

Lake Whitefish

Anglers who eagerly trail this plentiful species are repeatedly handed an unreal angling experience that would make most speculate on whether it actually happened!

Lake Winnipeg Greenback Walleyes... in May?

The famous Manitoba fall run of greenback walleye is well documented and anticipated every year. Targeting massive schools of these emerald giants through Lake Winnipeg ice has also become the stuff of legend. Increasingly gaining in popularity amongst anglers however, is the tail end springtime segment of the migration...

Giant Channel Catfish - Manitoba Master Angler Minute

Manitoba Hot Bite - Springtime Greenbacks

Greenback walleye on Lake Winnipeg has been synonymous with fantastic fall season and hard water fishing for many years.  Relatively untouched by comparison however, is the massive spring migration of these emerald fish...

T.B. Guiding and Outfitting

Catfish guiding on the Red River. In-ground pits on privately owned land, large ponds. Accommodation, airport pick-up and other packages arranged with advance notice.


A long list of catchable sucker species inhabit a large variety of Manitoba’s lakes and rivers, offering a “Grand Slam” of unique angling opportunities!

Gigantic Greenbacks - Manitoba Master Angler Minute

Yellow Perch

Catching jumbo perch that easily exceed the 14" mark is an experience that will make you look twice and cause to wonder if that brilliantly coloured, awkwardly proportioned fish is actually real!

Keep Safe on the Ice in March

Spring is knocking on our door step as the south winds begin blowing in some beautiful temperatures across the province. Some of the best ice fishing can be had this time of year, also known as 'March Madness'. Along with having phenomenal fishing and hot...

Fall Time is Prime Time for Monster Trout

Manitoba offers a wealth of stocked trout fishing opportunities, with almost all of these majestic locations easily accessible by vehicle throughout the entire season. Most of these lakes are open to angling year round due to the fact that trout do not successfully spawn in a good portion...

Meridian Outfitters

Hunting for non-resident black bear and resident elk in GHA 21 and 25, non-resident deer in GHA 21, 21A, and 25, resident moose in GHA 21 and 21A, upland game bird and waterfowl in GBHZ 3 and 4. Packages include accommodation in basecamp or outcamps. Equipment and hunting transportation provided. Bow and rifle hunting trips available for deer and bear.

Top 5 Reasons to Ice Fish in Manitoba

Manitoba welcomes you to our hard water world. Come see why thousands of ice fishing fanatics descend on our province every winter to drop a line. There are many reasons to visit but we have narrowed it down to the Top 5. Hopefully this list helps to convince you to choose Manitoba for your next ice fishing adventure.

Epic Tour of Manitoba Ice Fishing Destinations 1.0

When it comes to premiere ice fishing destinations, hardwaters within the borders of Manitoba have risen to the top of many lists. The phenomenal rise in popularity amongst visitors and residents alike choosing to fish here, owe in large part to the Lake Winnipeg craze that took the angling world by storm during this last decade...

Agassiz Outfitters

Agassiz Outfitters has been catering to hunters and fisherman for over 25 years.

We offer World class hunting for non-resident black bear, moose and wolf in GHA 1,15, 16 & 20.

World Class Non-resident Hunting for waterfowl and upland game bird located in the heart of the Central Flyway GHA's 15, 16, 18C,19, 20, 22, 23A.

Unguided Fishing for walleye, northern pike included in all black bear/moose packages.

All inclusive packages.

Rainbow Trout

As a recipient of one of the most recognized stocking and trophy trout programs, Manitoba’s “Bow”, has achieved global recognition for its unbelievable growth rates, signature takes and extraordinary abundance!

Chesley's Family Resort

16 waterfront sites, four kitchenette motel units with showers, four fully equipped modern kitchenette cabins with showers, microwave, TV.

Unlicensed restaurant, store, beach, boat rental, paddleboat, canoes, motors, gas, oil, boat launching, camping area, tackle, bait.

Fishing for northern pike, walleye, channel catfish, carp, perch, sauger and freshwater drum on Netley and Red rivers.

Guided fishing and waterfowl hunting packages available.

Full American plan.

Open May to October.

Accessible by road.

Endless Options for Angling Excellence: Your Guide to Manitoba's Regional Fishing Opportunities

With six unique and geographically distinct tourism regions within our provincial borders, Manitoba offers convenient access to a wide selection of extraordinary landscapes, remarkable destinations, and some of the most...

B & C Charters & Guiding Service

Fishing on the Bloodvein River, Lake Winnipeg and Matheson Island areas. Boat tours organized.

Davis Point Lodge and Outfitters Ltd.

Capacity - 12

One main lodge with tub and two cabins with showers.

Unlicensed dining room, boats, motors, gas, oil, dock, boat launching, guides, hunting licences, game processing.

Hunting for non-resident deer in GHA 20, and non-resident black bear in GHA 20, 21, and 25.

All-American package plans.

Open year-round.

Accessible by road.

East-Man Outfitting

Non-resident whitetail in Manitoba's only bow-only zone. Black bear in 25A and 25B, waterfowl. Full American packages available.


The burbot may easily acquire the most votes for the “least likely to take home” award, but it’s an angling opportunity that can offer a whole lot of “wow” factor!

Channel Catfish on the Fly - Uncut Angling

Monster channel catfish on the Red River can be targeted using a variety of presentations. Fly fishing for them is quickly growing in popularity amongst anglers plying the shorelines of the Red and Lake Winnipeg. Watch as Aaron and guest Nolan Plew go after cats on the fly at the base of Lockport...

Megabucks Outfitting

Hunting for non-resident bear in GHA 25, non-resident deer in GHA 20, upland game bird and waterfowl. Accommodation at outcamp.