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Brook Trout

Record Catch 76.2 cm (30")
Top 3 Catches
  • John Wolters 76.2 cm / (30")
  • John Walter 76.2 cm / (30")
  • Terry Tooley 76.2 cm / (30")

Brook Trout

Brook Trout

Recognized as the original monarch of many Hudson Bay tributaries, the brook trout is the most widely spread trout species within Manitoba. Historically known for naturally inhabiting the legendary rivers of the Northern Region, the brook trout has an expanded tenure on a variety of stocked fisheries throughout the south. A formidable opponent on the best of days, the brookie is famously notorious for its bull dog battles, spectacular colours and an awkward tendency to grow to football dimensions.

When comparing the “best of” brook trout destinations, Manitoba offers the best of both worlds. Venture to the exotic fly-in rivers of our northern frontier and you will discover some of the finest blue ribbon trout waters imaginable. These waters contain ripe opportunities for both resident and sea-run populations. Travel to the abundant and easily accessible stocked lake fisheries to the south and you will encounter Stillwater brookies that have reached record breaking measurements!

Whether you choose to use conventional methods, fly fish or ice fish, Manitoba has world class brook trout opportunities in spades. All of which could put you in serious contention for a 28 inch plus monster!

Angling opportunities for brook trout are popular during the open water months of May to October and during the hard water months of December, January, March and April.

Top producing fisheries include the Gods River, Hayes River, Limestone River, Mistikokan River, Kaskattama River, Foot Print Lake, Barbe Lake, Black Beaver Lake, West Blue Lake and Persse Lake.

Manitoba Record: Caught in Barbe Lake, measuring 76.20 cm (30”).

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Where you'll find Brook Trout

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Top fisheries where you’ll catch Brook Trout

  • West Blue Lake
  • Gull Lake
  • Barbe Lake

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