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Channel Catfish

Record Catch 118.11 cm (46.5")
Top 3 Catches
  • Robert Antonichuk 118.11 cm / (46.5")
  • Michael Stairs 114.3 cm / (45")
  • Brent J. Burton 113.03 cm / (44.5")

Channel Catfish

Channel Catfish

As the proclaimed “Channel Catfish Capital of the World”, Manitoba has set the bar for the unparalleled channel catfish destination.  Native to numerous fisheries within the province, the channel cat is an abundant species that willingly offers anglers an honest opportunity to be caught, both in size and in numbers. Pound for pound, the channel catfish is an adversary with few comparisons, they are held in the highest regard by many of their angling fans and consistently present a mind blowing angling encounter that will keep you coming back for more.

Commonly caught at various well know Manitoba destinations, the water body that stands out above the rest is the mighty “Red River”. The section of the Red River situated north of the Lockport Dam, in Manitoba’s Interlake Region, is the undisputed champion of channel catfish locations and world famous for its congregation of trophy sized kitties. 

Year after year, this section of the Red River produces hundreds of giant channel cats that beat the 34 inch mark with many exceeding 40 inches plus! 

Angling opportunities for channel catfish are popular from May to August with the majority of river locations offering excellent fishing from the shore.

Top producing fisheries include various stretches of the Red River, Assiniboine River, Winnipeg River and Lake Winnipeg.

Manitoba Record: Caught in the Red River, measuring 118 cm (46.5”).

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Where you'll find Channel Catfish

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Top fisheries where you’ll catch Channel Catfish

  • Red River
  • Assiniboine River
  • Winnipeg River
  • Lake Winnipeg

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