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Record Catch 52.71 cm (20.75")
Top 3 Catches
  • Jim Tarasiuk 52.71 cm / (20.75")
  • Robert G. Lake 52.07 cm / (20.5")
  • Brian Lagimodiere 51.77 cm / (20.38")



When it comes to smoked delicacies, the iconic “Goldeye” has equals that are few and far between. This wandering river superstar is a cherished catch for those who religiously savour its highly prized flesh and eagerly await its annual arrival. Each year, enthused anglers customarily gather at known Manitoba goldeye hot spots. Like an alluring angling pilgrimage, they indulge in the generous opportunities that these flashy little predators so willingly offer.

Connecting with an amassed school of hungry goldeyes is the quintessential example of an epic feeding frenzy. Cast after cast can be met with a voracious bite, a spectacular jump and a fiery of vigorous runs. Similarly entertaining, is the conventional fishing method that demands an unwavering focus to the instant submersion of a drifting bobber. A visually exhilarating experience that is adored by anglers of all ages and widely acknowledged as a popular Manitoba pastime.

Goldeye are commonly caught in a number of well-known river fisheries throughout the province. Hitting the goldeye bite at its peak will often produce consistent opportunities at fish exceeding the 16 inch mark!

Angling opportunities for goldeye are popular during the months of July, August and September.

Top producing fisheries include various stretches of the Saskatchewan River, Red River, Assiniboine River, Pembina River and the Winnipeg River.

Manitoba Record: Caught in the Saskatchewan River, measuring 50.50 cm (19.88”).

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Where you'll find Goldeye

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Top fisheries where you’ll catch Goldeye

  • Lake of the Prairies
  • Red River
  • Roseau River
  • Assiniboine River

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