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Yellow Perch

Record Catch 42.42 cm (16.7")
Top 3 Catches
  • Kate Upton 42.42 cm / (16.7")
  • Brad Van Hulle 41.91 cm / (16.5")
  • John T. Jones 41.91 cm / (16.5")

Yellow Perch

Yellow Perch

Admired by a myriad of avid anglers, Manitoba’s yellow perch has been considered one of the most valued species and a significant contributor to many memorable maiden angling experiences. Like its close cousin, the walleye, the perch offers equivalent eating qualities that are only enhanced by their abounding population and generous catchable limits. 

Combine their prolific numbers and culinary appeal, add their constant motivation to grow to huge proportions, and you have a winning combination that has fulfilled a need for the rising number of keen “Jumbo” perch anglers that gather in Manitoba every year. And rightly so, catching jumbo perch that easily exceed the 14 inch mark is an experience that will make you look twice and allow you to wonder if that brilliantly colored, awkwardly proportioned fish is actually real.

Jumbo perch inhabit every region in Manitoba and can be successfully caught throughout the calendar year. But for the ultimate experience, gargantuan perch followers have been consistently targeting these excessive giants during the hard water months. Perch through the ice, is notably the most productive season to effectively capitalize on these prized examples, with real opportunities at 15 inch plus hawgs! 

Angling opportunities for jumbo yellow perch are popular during the open water months of May and June and during the hard water months of December to March.

Top producing fisheries include East and West Shoal Lakes, Oak Lake, Pelican Lake, Dauphin Lake, Lake Manitoba, Buffalo Bay, Lake of the Prairies, Big Whiteshell Lake and Winnipeg River. 

Manitoba Record: Caught in West Shoal Lake, measuring 42.42 cm (16.70”).

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Where you'll find Yellow Perch

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Top fisheries where you’ll catch Yellow Perch

  • Oak Lake
  • West Shoal Lake
  • Lake of the Prairies
  • East Shoal Lake

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